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Together we are closing gender gaps and investing in women, creating space to lead our own empowerment and development.

EarthEmpower es una empresa social que trabaja en los EEUU, Mexico, y Guatemala con una misión para hacer impacto dentro de un modelo auto-sustentable de sector privado.

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Impact Consulting

Our team specializes in inclusive and sustainable international development, ranging from a focused technical expertise in value chain development, agriculture research, design, and development to broader vision of  empowered project management and social inclusion in the workplace.  Each topic is described in detail below and please contact us if you have an a new idea you would like to explore together! 

Our consulting is driven by our desire to help you, your team, and your company create more impact. 

Agroecology and Soil Conservation 
Agroecology is the basis for our understanding of agriculture and development.  In the agriculture ecosystem, humans, plants, animals, and the climate interact in complex systems. To better design interventions for rural development, we apply an understanding of the interactions between human and biological systems.  With a wealth of experience in designing plot and watershed level research experiments as well as analyzing data to better understand the implications of agricultural interventions, our team is ready to support you with scientific rigor and interdisciplinary development approaches.
Value Chain Analysis, Creation, and Strengthening
The value chain philosophy permits a integrated panorama for rural communities to access local and global economies.  At EarthEmpower, we have extensive experience in analyzing, strengthening, and designing value chains from scratch, from farm, intermediary trading, processors, to final markets. We use strategies for sustainable, particaptory, and inclusive value chain work. Theere is always an opportunity to strengthen your value chain, no matter if it is local, regional, or global, and we hope we have an opportunity to help you do just that. Check out our previous work with value chains in Latin America below.  
Empowered Project Management 
A simple google search will reveal to you thousands of options for project management apps, courses, and certifications and hiring a project manager will set you back a big chunk of change.  EarthEmpower ‘Empowered Project Management’ consulting will provide you with the design of tools and a project management system that adapts to your organizational needs, budget, and level of management expertise, all with the objective to empower you, your team, and your partners to be more effective and more efficient in all of the work that you do.
Business for social impact
Businesses get a bad rap for wanting to make a lot of money and kill the earth meanwhile non-profits are known for doing good while being inefficient and bureaucratic. EarthEmpower bridges both worlds and guides businesses as they search for adding social impact to their business model and guides non-profits to take a business-minded approach. 

Our expertise is your success

We want to connect your global food, beauty, or nutraceutical business with Latin America's abundant biodiversity and talented farmers.