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Together we are closing gender gaps and investing in women, creating space to lead our own empowerment and development.

EarthEmpower is a NGO that operates in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico with the mission to make impact by closing gender gaps and empowering women to lead change.

Email: hello@earthempower.com

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About EarthEmpower

EarthEmpower was born in 2017 when we combined our passion and force of our desire to create social impact with our ambition to ensure economic sustainability. Rachael initiated the business in 2017 and met Magda later in the year when they joined their partnership in Mexico, and in 2019 they joined forces to make an international partnership!

Rachael and Magda created their partnership to incorporate their expertise in consulting with the gaps they always found in their projects - missing markets, insufficient affordable technology, and a lack of focus and opportunities for women and rural communities. They put these at the center of their company's mission and EarthEmpower was born. 

We believe all women and people can and should be allowed to embrace who they are, define their future, and change the world.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide the finest and most diverse ingredients and super foods to North American specialty markets made from native plants and whole grains, produced by empowered women farmers and climate resilient communities in Latin America. By connecting communities and markets, partners and farmers, we optimize, catalyze, invest, and multiply impact with environmental conservation, women’s empowerment, and agricultural profitability in impoverished communities where we work.


Our Core Values

​We believe we can change the world in the way we uphold our core values in the way we work as a team, with our suppliers, and our partners and we seek to uphold the following: 

  1. Inclusive Innovation is essential for success.

  2. We will confront and dismantle discrimination with our actions, work, and words.

  3. Our work begins with respect for the history and present of the farmers and communities who have cared for the crops and land which make our work possible.

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