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Together we are closing gender gaps and investing in women, creating space to lead our own empowerment and development.

EarthEmpower is a NGO that operates in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico with the mission to make impact by closing gender gaps and empowering women to lead change.

Email: hello@earthempower.com

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Social Change

Adaptable AgTech


Social Impact

AgTech for

Small Farmers

As the ancient saying goes:

Give a woman a fish and she will share that fish with her family.

Teach a woman to fish and she will cook fish for her

family most nights.

Invest in a women's fishing cooperative and provide access information, empowerment, financial and marketing services, and a community of like-minded women for emotional support and she will build a sustainable fishing business empire creating jobs in her community, education, health, and environmental benefits for her family and her whole community.  

Join Us

As we drive social impact with innovative community and women-led work.

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