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Meet Our Team

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Our team is divided through Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States with global mobility, and together we span disciplines, passions, and languages (Spanish, English, Quiche, and a little French).  We work with a diverse group of stakeholders and experts throughout the region to extend our expertise beyond our current profile.  


Magda is the co-founder of EarthEmpower and Director of Operations. She is the Country Director in Mexico. Magda wants to conquer the world but has the excel spreadsheet to make sure it happens.

Magda Reynoso, COO
Senior Consultant

Magda is an expert in value chain analysis and agribusiness design and management. She has worked extensively as a consultant for the UN and international organizations throughout Mexico and LAC. 

Rachael is the co-founder of EarthEmpower and Director of Strategy. She is a senior consultant with 10 years of experience in crop and soil research, M&E, and international development. 

Rachael Cox, CEO
Senior Consultant

Rachael is the country director in Guatemala and leads company growth strategies. She has worked in Mexico, Guatemala, Latin America, and East Africa. 

Mary leads the finance and sales for our food brands and fearlessly manages the legal and administrative leader of our Guatemala team. She never says no to a challenge and her fearlessness and wisdom is an inspiration to all of us.

Maria Ixchajchal
Financial Analyst
Ale Ramirez

Ale is an expert agroecologist and rural development specialist. She leads our Mexican field extension and research team. Ale approaches her work with the energy and passion of double shot of fair trade single origin espresso.

Miriam Ramos
Value chain specialist

Miriam is an expert agroecologist and participatory field and community researcher. She has experience leading research for CIMMYT, FAO, and community organizations. 

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Adriana Gutierrez
Community and Inclusion Specialist 

Adriana is an expert in community participatory research and development. She specializes in natural resource management and environmental conservation in agricultural contexts. She leads our team in non-conflictive communication and participatory leadership strategies. 

NutriFuerza Production Team
NutriFuerza PRoduction Team

We have a small factory and production team based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, currently producing, marketing and selling our fair trade principled brands NutriFuerza and NutriTé, putting into action the work we have so often studied and recommended through our consulting. Learn more at

Adriana Gutierrez
Head of Logistics
Rachael Cox
Head of Sales
Production and Inventory Lead
Production and Inventory Lead
Production and Quality Assistant
Farmer Teammates and Collaborators

EarthEmpower works directly with farmer groups , providing technical assistance, in-kind credit, training, and fair markets for their products. The women form part of our team and as we grow, we continue to expand further technical and empowerment benefits to them. Learn more about our NGO sister organization that supports our efforts to expand social impact at 

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Momostenango Women's Farmer Association
Totonicapan Medicinal Plant Women's Group
ChortiCoop Chaya Naturals
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