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What we are doing and where we are going

We had an amazing crowdfunding campaign in December. You may have heard of it? You may have even contributed!! Thank you by the way! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all the amazing people and investors who did. Crowdfunding is one of those things that I hoped I never would have to do but once we did it, survived the 30 odd days of intense social media, faux-extrovert exhaustion, and now we are implementing the work with the funds raised from investments and purchases by our backers, I would do it again if it meant making EarthEmpower come truly alive like it is.

So now that we have some seed capital, we are busy building value chains with 33 different ancestral grains, medicinal herbs, tropical plants, and biodiverse crops needed to make the delicious super food snacks that make EarthEmpower’s product line.

EarthEmpower builds biodiverse agroecosystems for climate resilience AND for nutritional diversity, good for the earth and good for the consumer. BUT, 33 ingredients mean we need to work with a lot of different farmers, agroecosystems, and that means our work is complicated. But did choosing the easy route in life every lead to anything good?

We have finalized our recipes and flavors based on some awesome focus groups and market research and are now finalizing the production system for market launch. The final phases are coming into place but the last details are tricky so thanks for your patience.

Last but not least, we are getting the details of the women’s empowerment and beyond fair trade pricing and farmer protection into place. When we sell you a super food snack, we ensure you are empowering women and building climate resilient communities with every bite.

To do that we guarantee fair prices for farmers. We build in environmental conservation incentives into prices, and build crop insurance into credit to mitigate risk for farmers.

Check back here for updates on these actions become a reality for EarthEmpower!

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