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Welcome to EarthEmpower

We resisted having a blog for so long. EarthEmpower became a legal company in January of 2017 and just now in March of 2018 we are starting a blog. YIKES you might say, we are really behind schedule. But we did it on purpose. The internet is FULL FULL FULL of blogs and we did not want to be just another blog of more words and more nonsense that no one wanted to read.

Yet, we have realized that some of you do want to know what we are up to and that even though we think about these things 18 hours of day, 6.5 days a week, some of you may just want to pop in for updates from time to time. And that social media updates may not be the easiest way to get the full picture.

EarthEmpower is taking on a big task -- re-defining the way business is done; tearing down status quo; creating a new vision for international development; and making a business model that does not just involve one topic, but a diverse array of industries in one business. Call us crazy, tell us we will fail, but we are doing it anyway, because we are passionate, talented, and determined that change is needed and that we are beyond qualified to do it.

We are international experts, we are dreamers, we are some of the most efficient people you will ever meet, we are agronomists, accountants, designers, entomologists, natural resource managers, market specialists, project managers, and much more.

EarthEmpower was born after studying and observing the failures of institutions worldwide repeating the same methods, programs, and ideas again and again without success in international development, while the impoverished farmers and communities carrying for the earth and growing the food held ideas and innovations that were never considered, and progress stalled. EarthEmpower was founded out of the frustration of talented people being told to try less, care less, and too stop challenging status quo. EarthEmpower was conceived when talented people found new spaces for innovation and creation and decided to take a risk and make a change.

In this blog, you can watch our progress, our evolution, and see our mistakes, as we embrace profound transparency in documenting success and failure as we document growth and evolution as we aim to grow our ideas into impact together with farmers and communities in Latin America.

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