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Together we are closing gender gaps and investing in women, creating space to lead our own empowerment and development.

EarthEmpower is a NGO that operates in the United States, Guatemala and Mexico with the mission to make impact by closing gender gaps and empowering women to lead change.

Email: hello@earthempower.com

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Our Food Brands

One of the ways EarthEmpower connects farmers with high-value markets, is by manufacturing gourmet natural food and beverage products based on native cropping systems and ancestral crops from Latin America. EarthEmpower's first brand launch is NutriFuerza, a Guatemalan brand that sells granola, power bars, and herbal teas made with native and superfoods from 100% Guatemalan crops.



NutriFuerza was launched in Guatemala in September 2018 and is available in Guatemala City, Antigua, and Xela. During 2019 we plan to make NutriFuerza available in Mexico and the United States. 

We want to connect your global food, beauty, or nutraceutical business with Latin America's abundant biodiversity and talented farmers.