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Together we are closing gender gaps and investing in women, creating space to lead our own empowerment and development.

EarthEmpower es una empresa social que trabaja en los EEUU, Mexico, y Guatemala con una misión para hacer impacto dentro de un modelo auto-sustentable de sector privado.

Email: hello@earthempower.com

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Our Approach

Its all about making connections

We connect farmers with high-value markets. 

We connect you with Latin America's incredible biodiversity, our delicious food products, and the most adaptable and affordable ag technologies. 

We know the incredible opportunities of Latin America's crop diversity and we want to connect you with the farmers who grow and care for it. 

But we take care of all the logistics, quality, and quantity concerns for you. 

We specialize in native crops,

non-commercial crops, and rare crops and have a special emphasis in dehydrated products. 

We prioritize and guarantee social impact. And we make it traceable with our mobile technology.